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Jurek Pyrko

Position: Professor, Efficient energy systems
Phone: +46 46 222 9269
Fax: +46 46 222 4717


Research Group Name

Efficient Energy Use in Buildings

2008 Head of teaching for mechanical engineering programme
2006 Professor in Efficient Energy Systems
1999 Senior Lecturer at Lund University, Sweden
1998 Associate Professor in Efficient Energy Systems
1992 Ph.D in Energy Economics and Planning from the Lund University
1985 Licentiate in Energy Economics and Planning from the Lund University
1973 MSc in fine mechanics from the Technical University in Warsaw, Poland

Since 1983 employed at the Dept. of Energy Sciences (prev. Heat and Power Engineering), Lund University

Since 1983 involved as scientist, project manager and supervisor in multi- and trans-disciplinary projects on Load Management and Efficient Energy Use in  Buildings. The projects are carried out in co-operation with Swedish energy companies.

Current Projects/Interests
2007-2009, Project "Energy Use information - potential to change electricity consumption in dwellings", granted by Elforsk AB and Swedish Enegy Agency. 

Frame programme 2002-2005: Long-term project ”Load Management in Buildings” granted by the Swedish Electrical Utilities’ R&D Company - Elforsk AB and FORMAS.

Frame programme 1998-2001: Project ”Load Management in Buildings” granted by Elforsk AB and FORMAS (previously the Swedish Council for Building Research).

Research Publications
All publications can be seen here

Since 1985 - development, administration and teaching at the Department of Energy Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University:
Energy Utilisation, MVK 060, graduate course/module
Energy Supply Systems, MVK 070, graduate course/module
Project - Efficient Energy Systems, MVK 120, graduate course/module

Since 2004 - responsible for development, administration and teaching:
Energy and the Environment in Sustainable Development, undergraduate course/module